Subsurface Complex. Nationwide Access.

Six Million square feet of space located within a one – day drive of 29 states equaling 70.3% of the U.S. Population*.

The historic site was once the location of a limestone mine that served the Midwest and points beyond. Later it was transformed into rural organic farm and harvesting area. Today the site is home to one of the nation’s largest underground storage,  refrigeration and business complexes.

Located just minutes from numerous cross-country interstate corridors, rail and air freight hubs, Rock City is ideal for companies requiring an affordable, centrally located geographic location.

St. Louis is home to four modes of transportation — air, rail, road, and water, a rare find among metropolitan areas. Coupled with its central location, it provides the ideal facility for savvy businesses.

The History Behind Rock City

Our history dates back more than 120 years when the high- grade limestone found in the bluffs near Valmeyer, III., was first mined for use as fertilizer. Little did the miners realize that they were not only milling limestone, they were carving out massive underground rooms that might one day be used for other purposes.

Over time, visitors recognized the value of the temperature and humidity – controlled space. From the late 1930s to early 1980s, a portion of the underground space housed a mushroom farming operation. During the Cold War, the government made plans to use the underground quarry as a civilian defense shelter storing thousands of containers of food, water and medical supplies.

Today, Rock City has become the Midwest’s ultimate sustainable project. The space is now a subsurface business complex with approximately 6 million square feet of cost- efficient and highly desirable space.

Rock City was made possible by a joint venture project of Admiral Parkway, Inc., the Village of Valmeyer, the Illinois Department of Commerce and Community Affairs and the U.S. Economic Development Administration.

About Valmeyer, III

Located 18 miles south of St. Louis, the Village of Valmeyer is home to more than 1,200 resident. After the original village was decimated by the Great Flood of 1993, the entire village was relocated from its site in the Mississippi River Bottom to a new site two miles east and 400 feet higher. Federal grants helped with both the rebuilding of the community and providing the roads and other infrastructure in Rock City, which the Village took Ownership of in 1995. Valmeyer is centrally located 30 minutes from downtown St. Louis.

Limitless Possibilities

Providing cutting-edge solutions for business leaders across multiple categories.

No matter your needs or requirements, Rock City can provide a custom solution to help grow your business, address goals and make them a reality. We have the capability to help companies working across a number of business verticals including:

  • Record Storage
  • Refrigerated Storage
  • Cold Storage
  • Food Storage
  • Data Storage
  • Warehousing and Distribution
  • Maximum Security Depository
  • Light Manufacturing
  • Office Space
  • High Tech
  • And many others

Our tenants enjoy multiple benefits as part of the Rock City development. Give us a call and let’s talk over your challenges. Odds are we have the technology, solutions and drive to help meet your needs, too.

The Underground Advantage

A move to Rock City allows your company to benefit from following:

  • Low heating and cooling costs
  • Low water costs
  • No site maintenance costs
  • No street, parking or staging area costs
  • No roof repair or replacement
  • Minimal common area costs
  • No personal property, manufacturing, earnings or equipment taxes.

By eliminating or greatly reducing standard operating costs you can add to your bottom line while focusing on increasing sales and production efficiency. Additionally, Rock City maintains the capacity to accommodate seasonal surges in your company’s business requirements.

All of this in a centrally located, environmentally friendly, sustainable complex that helps your business stay more green while saving you more green. Economic incentives in the form of tax credits, grants, training and relocation funds, sales tax exemptions, Large Business Development Grants and USDA Rural Development funds and others may also be available.

Facility Benefits

A look beyond the financial benefits reveals the numerous physical attributes that have attracted Fortune 100 companies to Rock City.

  • More than six million square feet of space
  • Street level Class III Road Accessibility
  • Miles of well maintained, tractor trailer friendly streets
  • Year – round 58 degrees ambient temperature
  • 25’ to 40’ ceiling height
  • Solid stone pillars spaces 50 to 60 feet apart
  • Space quickly and cost effectively built to your specifications
  • Cold storage capabilities to -15 degrees
  • IDOT- designed trailer staging area.
  • Racking designed to accommodate specific requirements
  • Full-time maintenance or self maintain
  • Beautifully designed and maintained office space
  • Inside Parking capabilities
  • Interior / exterior employee lounge opportunities
  • Natural Protection from floods, earthquakes, ice, snow, tornadoes, electrical sabotage

For companies requiring limited space or seasonal refrigeration needs, space in our existing cold storage warehouse is available and immediately ready for lease. No build-out costs, no wait. This space is ideal for a host of processors, suppliers and distributors including ice cream, meat, ingredients and packaged food.

Existing infrastructure includes roads, street lights, sewer, fire suppression, electrical, phone and fiber optic availability.






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