Underground. Business. Solutions.

Underground. Business. Solutions.

Underground. Business. Solutions.

Existing infrastructure includes roads, street lights, sewer, fire suppression, electric, phone and fiber optic availability.


Custom Build Out Capabilities

Meeting tenant needs and customizing space to accommodate all your storage requirements – with 40 – 70 percent savings over above-ground options.  

Whether you require 10,000 square feet, one million square feet or more, Rock City has the capabilities to provide the lowest cost solutions. Regardless of your requirements, we will work with you to identify and develop a cost-effective solutions

  • Space subdivided to meet your needs
  • Cold storage capabilities to -15 degrees
  • Street level Class III Road Accessibility
  • Hand, ramp and forklift unloading options
  • 40 percent energy saving over standard structures
  • Year- round 58 degrees ambient temperature
  • Custom racking shelving solutions
  • Insulated and fireproof wall systems
  • 25’ – 40’ high ceiling clearance (build up not wide)
  • Minutes from North, South, East, West interstate access
  • Natural protection from floods, earthquakes, ice, snow, tornadoes, electrical sabotage
  • All while meeting sustainability goals

Existing Infrastructure includes roads, street lights, sewer, fire, suppression, electrical, phone and fiber optic availability.

Let us help you create the ideal solution.


Sustainability, green, energy efficiency, reduced carbon footprint — Rock City offers all of this and it all adds up to savings for your company bottom line.

The Rock City advantage is clear compared to the Typical Above Ground Warehouse:

  • 50 percent Less Building Material Costs
  • 40 percent Savings on Heating and Cooling Costs
  • Lowest Square Footage Lease Rate
  • No Personal Property, Manufacturing Earnings or Equipment Taxes
  • Protection from Natural Events (Tornadoes,Wind, Rain, Floods, Ice, Earthquakes)
  • Rock Ceiling and Floors Providing Unlimited Load Bearing Capacity
  • No or Low Water Costs
  • Minimal Common Area Costs
  • No Roof Repair / Replacement Costs
  • No Landscape Maintenance Costs

Apparently, it is EASY being green and saving green!

Rock City is minutes from all four major modes of transportation — road, rail, air and water, a rare
find among metropolitan areas. Coupled with its central location, it provides the ideal facility for savvy businesses.

Six million square feet of space located within a one-day drive of 29 states equaling 70.3% of the U.S. Population*.



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