Underground. Business. Solutions.

Underground. Business. Solutions.

Underground. Business. Solutions.


Meeting tenant needs and customizing space to accommodate all your storage requirements – with 40 – 70 percent savings over above-ground options.

  • Space subdivided to meet your needs
  • Wide, well-lit and maintained roads
  • Easily accessible entrances
  • Hand, ramp and forklift unloading options
  • Insulated and fireproof wall systems
  • 25’ – 40’ high ceiling clearance (build up not wide)
  • Cold storage capabilities to -15 degrees
  • Beautifully designed office space
  • Custom racking shelving solutions
  • All while meeting sustainability goals

Let us help you create the ideal solution.


Data Center Fact Sheet

GridRock Data Center’s development (the “Site”) presents a favorable opportunity for customers and partners seeking a modern, hyper-efficient and highly secure data center. GridRock is actively seeking customers and partners interested in building datacenters to suit in our 4 million square feet of available space.

For this purpose, GridRock Data Center has invested in significant feasibility and engineering studies on the Site. The highlighted findings of those studies are shared in this document.

Strategic Location

The Site is located inside a former limestone mine in the bluffs overlooking the Mississippi River, strategically located in the St. Louis. MO metropolitan area in the Village of Valmeyer, IL. The Site is easily accessible by air, rail and road –

• 25 minute drive from downtown St. Louis
• 45 minute drive from St. Louis Lambert International Airport (STL)
• 300 mile drive from Chicago
• One day’s driving distance from 29 States

Unique Physical Attributes

The Site has unique attributes favoring the development of a secure and efficient data center –

  • • Hardened limestone structure eliminating the need for earthwork, foundation, superstructure and roofing construction
  • • Physically secure from both natural (flood, earthquake, fire, tornado, etc.) and man-made disasters (EMP, etc.)
  • • Naturally ventilated with multiple openings for fresh air requirements
  • • 58 degree ambient temperature year-round for cooling efficiency
  • • 100 million gallon in-cavern lake for cooling efficiency
  • • Ceiling heights range from 30-50 feet throughout cavern enabling easy access
  • • Logistics infrastructure in place including multiple access roads, in-cavern roads, loading docks, parking, office space, etc.
Proven Commercial Location

The Site is a proven commercial space today with 1 million square feet leased to several long term tenants –

• US National Archives and Records Administration – storage and office space
• Cold food storage – multiple tenants

Power Profile

The Site benefits from being in a historically low power rate region and near multiple substations and power generation plants.

  • ~$0.04 per kWh power cost
  • 34.5kV option available to support 10MW datacenter immediately
  • Options scoped with Ameren to significantly expand capacity by building own substation that taps directly into 138kV transmission line which traverses top of the Site. — New substation options to build just outside or in-cavern
Fiber Profile

The Site has the following advantages to meet the fiber requirements of a datacenter –

• Proximity to multiple fiber carriers with diverse routes and topologies
— 2.5ms latency to St. Louis
— 7-10ms latency to Chicago

• Level 3, Spectrum, HTC, Windstream, AT&T identified options
— Level 3 long haul route adjacent to the property and available

Cooling Profile

The Site has the following advantages to meet the cooling requirements of a datacenter –

• Well ventilated, 58 degree ambient temperature year-round
• Water for cooling
— 100 million gallon in-cavern lake
— Massive Mississippi aquifer adjacent

Renewable Energy

The Site has option to incorporate renewable energy as a part of the data center development –

Wind Farm – mature development plans establish feasibility of adding 38 wind turbines to generate up to 100MW power



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